What we do. How we do it. And why. We focus our training on two main areas.

1.Providing a solid foundation for a student to continue structuring his or her advancement toward a “journeyman” classification.
2.Aiding employers in the selection of future employees.
A student finishing the GPLA course of study will be a sound investment for any employer looking to add to their workforce.

Our Experienced Staff teaches the topics most critical to the employers we hope to serve

+ Climbing wood poles & pole top rescue
+ Basic Rigging as it applies to our work
+ Basic Electrical Theory
+ General safety practices of our industry

+ CPR/ First Aid
+ Personal Protective Equipment
+ Grounding for personal protection

+ Power line Construction
+ Digger Derrick Training
+ Proper Cover-up methods

Do You Have What It Takes?

Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $8,500.00

Personal Tools and Protective Equipment: $2,100.00 (not included in tuition and must be purchased separately)

Enrollment Fee: $100.00

Total: $10,700.00

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Housing is available during our training sessions at Blue Knob Ski Resort condos. The condos are offered to our students at greatly discounted rates and are within walking distance of the school. Please visit the Blue Knob website at or call 814-239-1018


Global Power Line Academy does not include or provide meals as part of the training package. However, those staying at the condos at Blue Knob will have access to kitchenettes, and Blue Knob does have a restaurant open all year. Students will be provided ample time for meals during the training days.

Course Listing

100 Rigging

101 Electrical Pole Climbing

102 Mechanical Lifting

103 Line Related Tools

104 Wire and cable

105 Pole Line Hardware

106 Anchors & Guy Wires

107 Secondary and Customer Hookup

108 Primary System Materials

109 Personal Protection

110 General Electrical Information

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Global Power Line Academy does NOT provide CDL training or licensing.

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