Info for Parents

With the rise in the cost of college tuition, many parents are looking for alternatives to sending their kids to college. Regardless of what comes next, educator Dr. Randall S. Hansen points out that “Education is critical; college is not.”

GPLA is a reputable alternative that can help pave the way for a young adult with a good work ethic to establish an outstanding career in a fluctuating economy.

We recognize that many parents and family members are involved in a student’s continuing education, so we like to keep the communication lines open to everyone involved in this process. If you’re not interested in becoming a student, but would like to know more about our program, we still welcome you to contact us.

GPLA will be in position to supply current and future employers with the personnel necessary to fill upcoming vacancies due to the aging workforce.  No other linemen training school in Pennsylvania has the capacity, credentials, and job oriented curriculum to address electrical infrastructure needs as well as Global Power Line Academy.

To learn more about the training such as the classes, the costs,
housing options, and where we’re located, please visit our program page.

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